About us

Hi! We are Hoek flowers, a Dutch family business with a passion for flowers – working with flowers is what makes us happy. We dare say, we have that in common with you. Peter Hoek, our founder, started as a florist in the 70s when he was only 17 years old. He managed to transfer his knowledge and philosophy of only working with the best flowers to his sons and they in turn to their employees. They have formed the foundation of this export company which sends flowers to 52 countries worldwide. A young team with the same passion as Peter Hoek.

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Our history

Only 17 years old and already a real entrepreneur. In 1979 Peter, together with his brothers, set up a flower shop in his birthplace “Katwijk-upon-sea”. Being in charge of this shop for 5 years he was driven by the need to do something different. He bought a refrigerated truck and started driving all the way down to the south part of France to sell Dutch flowers to French florists. Driving all the way back to Holland, week in and week out with an empty lorry was not profitable enough for this fledgling “Flying Dutchman”. He found, while driving through this beautiful part of Europe, that local producers grew the most amazing flowers. Ranunculus, Eucalyptus and Anemone were common products in Italy and France but very rare in Holland. And there it was, the solution for the empty truck. Buying flowers from local growers and selling them again in Holland. We are always proud to say that this decision from Peter forms the foundation of our business – a foundation that exists out of what we love doing most: buying flowers and selling flowers.

Biggest flower stock

Your flowers

At 2 AM, when most people are still asleep, our buyers are already going to the flower auction. That early? Yes, that early! The reason why is the policy of Peter Hoek: “Only buy when you have seen the flowers yourself”. Since we only sell our products via a web shop it is important for you as a customer to have “eyes” here in Holland. Eyes which can detect quality or little imperfections to ensure you always buy the best. At 6 AM the auction clocks start running and the buying starts. Only 20% of the flowers we buy come from the Flora Holland auction clock, this is because not all growers have the means to do direct trade but, have interesting products which they put up at auction. The other 80% we buy directly from growers in Holland and abroad. On a daily basis we offer you over 4.000 different flowers and over 2.000 plants. Our buyers maintain close relationships with the growers. Which is very important since they provide us with interesting market information regarding product quality, (new) availability and novelties which we are happy to share with you!

Delivered at your door

On the move

Every flower which arrives into our company 1st has to say “cheese” in front of the cameras in our photo booth. An automatic system of 3 cameras decide which angle is best, this means every product you see in our web shop has a live picture. We know the importance of seeing flowers before you buy them. That is why we try the best we can to give you a realistic view of what the flowers will look like when they arrive at your location. As soon as the photo is taken, the flowers are ready for you to buy in our web shop or in the web shop app. After you finish your order the “fun” begins. We are the first company in the flower business which has automated the biggest part of their logistics. Buckets with flowers literally fly through our facility because of hundreds of meters of conveyer belts. Can you believe that your orders are picked by robots and every stem is continuously monitored to avoid mistakes? Our daily goal is to ensure you of a fast and excellent shopping experience – from beginning to end.

The pink box

However, not all of our processes are automated. The finishing touch is done by our amazing packing team. They have great product knowledge and know exactly which order your items need to be put into the box in order to avoid any form of damage. Every order is handled with the same amount of love and attention before the packer puts our “famous” pink Ranunculus cover on top. Now your order is ready to be transported and delivered to your location. Also, important to know, we take the cool chain very seriously in order to keep the flowers in the best condition possible. Therefore, our storage, packing and transport are all refrigerated.

At this moment we cover 52 countries world-wide, so there are not many places we cannot ship our flowers to. Would you also like to receive our pink box? Register now.